When is the Emergency Over?

AC Plane Crash

A few years back I was teaching an Incident Command System class to a roomful of police recruits.  I was trying to get this point across to them.

Never Relax Until You Are Sure The Emergency Is Over!!

To illustrate this point, I had them watch a YouTube video.  Stop the video at 4:00 minutes and ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Is everyone safe?
  2. Is the scene secure?
  3. Is the emergency over?

What answers did you come up with?  Now go back and view the rest of the video.

Were your previous answers correct?  Would you change your answers?

My intent was to teach the police recruits not to relax too early, not to develop Tunnel Vision, and always.. always expect the unexpected!  You never know when the emergency is REALLY over.

Stay safe, Bill